Transfer to a new company

Transfer application of working visa, work permit, residence permit


For any foreigner working in China, you are only allowed to work for the company sponsoring your Work Permit and Residence Permit. In case you transfer job from Company A to Company B, you need to re-apply a new Work Permit and new Residence Permit based on the new company without delay. Once your new Work Permit and Residence Permit are obtained, you are completely legitimate to work in the new company in China. If you get caught working for any other company, you may face the permit and visa revoked and risks being deported.
The visa rules are strict in terms of the transfer application. For example, when you transfer from a Suzhou entity to a Shanghai company, you need to go to the Shanghai immigration office within 10 days (not working days) from the date when you leave the job. Failure or delay to do so will cause warning, penalties or rejection of visa application in serious case.

Further, in case you transfer job to a new different industry, the rejection rate will be much higher.

To avoid denial or delay of the transfer application, please consult with our consultants for more information.

Our Services

We can help you with the transfer application of your Work Permit and Residence Permit.

Our services are as follows:
1. We will assist to review and prepare all the application documents for you, including forms and a translation of all the documents into Chinese.
2. We will handle all the transfer procedures, including transfer of the Work Permit Application and the Residence Permit Application.
3. We will also take care of China visa for your family members.

Simply contact us, and we will take care of the rest of work for you! 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.
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Basic requirements:
1. Having a new employer entity in China
2. Minimum 2 years relevant working experience suitable for the proposed position
3. No criminal records
4. Valid passport, visa and work permit
5. Male: 18-60 years old, Female: 18-55 years
6. At least bachelor or similar education degree

Further, please note that each application is different, long and complicated. The application may be denied due to various reasons, such as difficult to get documents chopped, lack of working experience, insufficient qualification, etc. 

To ensure the application documents are properly prepared and submitted, please consult with our consultants for more information.


We need the following documents from you:
1. Passport
2. Work permit
3. Your resume
4. Diploma certificate
5. Passport-size photo
6. Letter of Release from your previous employer in China (we can provide a template)
7. Working experience certification(s) from your previous employer
8. Local police registration certification (we can organize for you)

For the following documents, we will organize directly with your employer in China:
1. Business License (or Representative Office Registration Certificate)
2. Organizational Code Certificate
3. Certificate of Approval copy (if applicable)
4. Representative Certificate, if applicable (only when you are attached to a representative office)
5. Employment or assignment certification 
6. Application forms and documents as required by the authorities in each case
Once you have the documents in order please scan and email them to us for review prior to sending them.

The above list is part of application documents and for reference only. We will provide a full Checklist upon your confirmation to proceed. Further, each application is different. The Chinese authorities may request additional documents during the examination of an application which are not mentioned in the above standard list. Our clients are hereby informed that submitting the above mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic approval of the application.

Processing Time

Time: around 15 working days

The above is standard time frame in regular circumstances and starts from the date of completion of required documents, and does not include additional time spent on documents delivery, unforeseeable events such as additional queries raised by the Chinese authorities, difficulty to get necessary documents signed and so on.

1. Do I have to go to the immigration office when apply for the Residence Permit later?
Yes, foreigners and their accompanying family members above 18 years old (inclusive) must go to the Chinese immigration office when apply for the Residence Permit.
2. What kind of entity can be the employer in China?
Your employer in China can be WFOE, local company, branch office, representative office or a Chinese entity where you are assigned to work.
3. What if my visa expired and overstay in Shanghai, what can I do and how much fine should I pay?
It depends. According to the Chinese immigration law, foreigners who over stay their Chinese visas will be charged a penalty of RMB 500 per day (maximum up to RMB10,000) or be detained for more than 5 days and less than 15 days. We suggest you contact us immediately. If it is handled in time and properly, it is possible to avoid penalties and liability. Otherwise, as the time goes late, everything will get more difficult to handle.
4. Do you know if 24 hours turnaround is possible on an M business visa from Hong Kong?
Yes. For some countries (such as USA, UK, Australian) we can assist you to get an M visa within 24 hours from Hong Kong
5. If I lost my passport in Shanghai, what should I do?
You should go to the Shanghai immigration office to report lost as soon as possible and a lost report will be issued to you. Then you can go to your Consulate in Shanghai to apply for a new passport and get a re-issued visa from the Shanghai immigration office.
6. Tourist visa expiration - I'm currently in Shanghai under tourist visa. I have found a job already but the company will help me apply for the work visa a couple of days after my tourist visa expires. So should i get an extension on my tourist visa? or
It is illegal for foreigners to stay in China after the China visa expires. You need to extend the tourist visa before the work visa is granted. In Shanghai, the tourist visa can be extended 30 days at a time but can only be extended just once. Let us know which city you are based in China to see there is any further we can help.